Preparing Your Business For A Baby

With baby Rock Bakehouse due in six weeks I’ve been busy planning and getting myself ready for his arrival (it’s a boy by the way!).  Earlier in the year I took on a few tutors to help out with classes and bring something that I couldn’t offer to the business.  At first it’s always hard letting go as I’ve been the face and the everything of Rock Bakehouse for so long but the time was right.  The process of recruiting tutors was a long one but I had to find the right people, people who I liked and most importantly people who fitted in with the company.

As I’ve become fatter, I’ve been delegating more and more and having my tutors do the majority of my classes with me doing a few core sessions.  It’s worked out really well and I’ve actually really enjoyed having people to work with and bounce ideas off.  I’ve also started to wind down and have an end date of classes when my ‘maternity’ leave will start hopefully giving me a couple of weeks to relax and make final preparations at home before baby arrives.

My top tips on preparing your business for your baby:

  • Get in help if you can afford it.  I only have freelance workers but it’s been a godsend as despite having a very easy pregnancy I’ve still become more tired as the months have gone on so it’s nice for someone to do the work for you
  • Prepare in advance for when you’re coming back to work as you’ll need work (and money) in the pipeline.  Take orders for the future or book in work when you can
  • Make sure that your website or however you communicate and get new business from shows the above, so that people don’t just think you’ve closed your business and go look elsewhere
  • Get used to scheduling in social media, blog posts etc so that you can really switch off and not be thinking about the fact that you haven’t updated anything whilst you’re feeding your baby
  • Be prepared financially, so that you don’t have any worries.  You can read my post on this here
  • If you sell stock, ensure you have plenty in so that you’re not worrying about re-ordering stuff whilst in the middle of your first week of sleepless nights
  • Ensure that you’re taking time off.  It’s so easy to just think that you can carry on but I think it’s important to know you have time to just concentrate on getting used to the new addition to your life and that you’ll have nothing else to worry about apart from looking after baby
  • Get all your standardised emails sorted so that you can send out carbon copy emails and personalise them rather than having to write long emails every time.  It will save you time and effort and make life much easier
  • Ensure that someone can deal with the business and the basics (to whatever point you want) whilst you’re in labour, in the first few weeks whether that be your husband, friends, employees etc as you just don’t know how long you’ll be in hospital, how you’ll feel afterwards etc.

If you have any other tips just let me know, I’d love to know!