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Tea Towel Screen Printing Drink Shop Do London

In my quest to learn new things and do more outside of my little Rock Bakehouse business bubble I signed myself up to a screen printing class at Drink, Shop & Do in King’s Cross.  I saw the class on Rachel Koo’s Instagram (Little Paris Kitchen author) and thought it looked fun.

Drink Shop Do London Display

The event was hosted by Zeena Shah a super friendly textile designer.  The class started at 7pm and was hosted in private section of the venue (serving cocktails in the evening!).  I was welcomed by the very smiley Zeena who asked me if I was on my own or with friends.  I was on my own and was ushered to the ‘singles’ table which was a little awkward as I couldn’t just pick where I wanted to sit but also as the class went on it made sense as it was a bit of ‘get on with it by yourself’ sort of class and most people who were with friends were just chatting amongst themselves.

Getting Started Screen Printing Drink Shop Do

Once a few people had arrived Zeena started gathering small groups and showing them what to do.  We all got a piece of paper, pencil, scissors and some instructions and the rest was up to us.  There were a few examples hanging up and Zeena said that simple was best but now that I was in a class I wanted to push myself a little.  It might have been good to perhaps have some more examples of print ideas or patterns to help as I did have a bit of a ‘rabbit in the headlights, I can’t think of anything’ moment!  My creative juices weren’t flowing too well so I spent quite a bit of time on Pinterest looking for ideas and themes and finally decided upon an Easter theme seeing as it was coming up.  Once I stopped over thinking it all it came quite quickly and I was happy with my final design.

Sketching Screen Printing Drink Shop Do Cut Out Screen Printing Drink Shop Do



I was one of the first to finish and the screen printing process was quite simple as we were using one colour and Zeena was on hand to help.  All in all I was pretty pleased with how my tea towel came out and I look forward to using it over the Easter break.  I left pretty soon after I had done my tea towel as there was little else to do, it was a much more independent session which worked with the vibe and for the price worked well.

Screen Printing Drink Shop Do London


Tea Towel Screen Printing Drink Shop Do London

There are loads of different events at Drink, Shop & Do so definitely worth checking them out.  I’d recommend doing this session with a friend as it’s pretty independent so worth having someone to talk to whilst you work through and have a drink!

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